Yummzy – the best and ONLY Low Carb, Sugar-Free cafe in the heart of London


2022 Update: Unfortunately, Yummzy no longer have their cafe but you can purchase their treats online here: https://yummzy.co.uk

I am super excited to tell you all about Yummzy cafe. A little while ago I was at the Allergy & Free From event in London and was introduced to the lovely team behind Yummzy. There they had a mouth-watering stand full of low carb and sugar free cakes, donuts, biscuits… you name it!
Not only were they offering a selection of treats suitable for diabetics, that do not spike blood sugars, I also discovered that they are a cafe based in London!
It was like my dream had come true, I have been longing for a place to go to with family and friends to enjoy some guilt-free tea and cake. I receive plenty of messages asking for advice on places to eat out, so I’m pretty sure you’ll be just as excited as I am!

I of course ( for the benefit of us all ? ) took it upon myself to visit Yummzy’s cafe, try out as many of their cakes as possible, and had the chance to interview them and ask them the questions that I think you’d all like to know. I’ll also share with you what treats I tried and my thoughts on them.

Without further ado, here’s our interview that’ll tell you all you need to know about Yummzy:

1) Can you tell us a bit about what Yummzy is?

** We are a small family run business/cafe based in Greenwich and offer delicious low carb, sugar free, vegan, gluten free (coeliac friendly) & high protein desserts (mostly), savouries, ice creams and drinks. ?

2) What dietary requirements do you cater for?

  • Truely low carb & sugar free
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • High protein
  • Delicious (yes, that’s a core dietary requirement too!)

We are great for diabetics, keto, coeliacs, vegans, atkins, fitness fans, athletes, dieters, people with a sweet tooth but want to keep their teeth (tooth friendly). Oh, and we are dog friendly; fidos can enjoy some water and treats on the house ?

A selection of Yummzy’s cakes

3) What made you want to specialise in low carb baking?

Mainly because I’m a type 1 diabetic and could never find something that was safe to eat and tasted good – most products had hidden dates or other forms of sugars or a lot of eggs or milk or other cheap ingredients and didn’t taste great!

Also, I’m totally into fitness, nutrition and healthy eating but enjoy good food that’s affordable. The fact is, the world needs this option and ethical business to exist. We train our staff who in turn use their great hands to make loving, hand cooked food that tastes like grandma’s desserts but without all the flour and sugar! ?

4) How are your products low carb? Do you use special ingredients? If so, can you explain what these are?

Love and magic! We use alot of love and magic! ?

Other than that, we use non gluten contaminated almond flour to keep the products low carb, and use stevia/erythritol to keep them sugar free. Keeping everything under 5g of carbs, delicious, filling and satisfying is no easy job!

We believe in good health and delicious taste without any compromise. That means not only are our products low carb, gluten free, vegan and high protein, they are free from nasty colours, preservatives or any unhealthy fats.

We only use healthy fats such as coconut, fresh avocado and almond flour! As we do not use preservatives and use organic whenever possible, this means that our products are bursting with flavour and that’s what shocks most new customers – how amazing the taste is.

A selection of Yummzy’s donuts

5) What baked goods do you currently offer?

We have many ranges with different flavours; we have a range of:

  • Bars (peanuts & caramel or strawberry or millionaire bars all dipped in our hand made chocolate)
  • Donuts (from caramel donuts to rose & pistachio – all under 4g of carbs)
  • Muffins & cupcakes (from maple pecan to pistachio heart or coffee & walnut or caramel… Too many options to list )
  • Chocolates (Yummzy rocher & assorted chocolates)
  • Ice cream (vegan honeycomb, chocolate mint, pina colada & many, many more)
  • Tease cakes (our version of cheese cake – coconut chocolate truffle or ginger & lemon or strawberry )
  • Celebration cakes (all cupcakes can be made into celebration cakes)
  • Biscuits (our classic almond biscotti or cheeky chocolate & macademia)
  • Savoury (from spinach tart to savoury muffins to *drum roll* sausage rolls (coming soon)
  • Drinks (MCT & CBD coffees, teas, ceremonial matcha lattes, all available iced and hibiscus, lemonade & baobab juices-all sugar free)
Yummzy’s celebration cakes, perfect for any occasion! These bespoke cakes can be ordered by contacting Yummzy or visiting them instore

6) Can you give us examples of the carb value for some of the products you offer?

Our donuts are between 3-3.5g carbs based on size. A slice of our Royal elder flower & lemon cake is under 3 grams of carbs, and the naughty chocolates which are made of pure cacao (highest source of iron) only have carbs from the cacao which is less than 1 gram. Pure love & magic in each bite *unwraps a rocher*

7) Out of all the goodies you offer, what is your favourite?

Oooh, they are all our babies! But my favourite babies are the Yummzy rocher, decadent pistachio heart muffin & the maple pecan (we don’t use maple syrup either) muffin *drools*

8) Which product would you say is the most popular?

If a product doesn’t sell out in the first few days of being launched, we only have it by order and not in shop as we have a tiny display fridge. It also depends on the day…
On a hot day, icecreams are top of our chart and iced coffees or the refreshing naked Lemony Lemon muffins.
On cold days or rainy days, usually the truffle or Gingy lemon tarts are a top seller or the decadent caramel muffins and chocolates.
On weekdays, definetly the coffee walnutty! All time best sellers this month were:

  1. Maple Pecan
  2. Donuts
  3. Dreamy Pistachio heart
A selection of Yummzy’s finest treats!

9) Where can we find your cafe?

We are at 9 Nevada street, London, SE10 9JL if you want to come to us and enjoy afternoon tea or pick up treats – or if you are London based (zone 1-6), you can find us at your door step as we deliver =). If you’d like to place an order, checkout our online bakery: yummzy.co.uk/pages/order-online (Delivery to London zones 1-6 only).

10) It’s great that you deliver! What about for those outside of London?

For deliveries outside of London, watch this space as we plan to do out of London deliveries soon.

11) What can we expect from the Yummzy in the future?

Wow, if we had the space – we plan to make bread, more savouries, have more items available in store and expand into some local boutique/artisan stores. Also, maybe a Yummzy or 2 outside London, but for that, we need London to be streamlined =). Space is a big issue for us.

12) How can we stay up to date with you?

Our website, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter pages… You can talk to us there too =).

I would like to thank the team at Yummzy for allowing me to interview them, and for making my visit to their cafe such a wonderful, and delicious, experience!

Whilst I was there, I got the chance to enjoy their pistachio heart cupcake, chocolate and hazelnut cake (see photo below), Yummzy rocher, Choco Strawberry Dream cake, and their thirst quenching lemonade – gosh it had been years since I had fresh lemonade! I mean, I can’t even put it into words, I felt like I was in heaven. All of their cakes were utterly delicious and yet perfectly sweet with no after taste that you can get from some sweeteners. To round my day off, I purchased several of their desserts to take home – with my favourite being their caramel donut and maple pecan cupcakes. If you have a sweet tooth like me, these will be right up your street. But watch out, your loved ones will love them to..

The delicious Chocolate and Hazelnut cake I had at my visit to Yummzy

If you are interested in checking out Yummzy, there is a keto event being held there on Sunday the 18th August. If you’d like to attend, the tickets are £10 and include a selection of keto cake samples, equivalent to two slices of cake, a free drink and 10% off on any purchase on the day. This is a perfect way to make new friends with similar dietary requirements and checkout Yummzy’s delightful London cafe! You can book your tickets on Yummzy’s website.